How To Add Geo-Location To Your Photos For SEO

Geo-location tagging is one of the best ways to help your site be found locally. Local search is a nuanced subset of SEO, but it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses that want to rank well at the local level.

Why Geo-tag?

Geo-tagging may seem like one more hiccup on the road to search engine optimization, but in reality, it can help your business appear on maps and aid in the search engines putting a face to a name. And any time you help the search engines find you, you’re doing your bit to advance your rankings.

What is Geo-tagging?

Geo-tagging is putting little snippets of code into your site that helps search engines put a place to a picture.

Specifically, at the user end side of things, it looks like this:

Geo-tagged restaurants in Santa Barbara

For you, the website owner, it looks like this:

Without Markup:

With Microdata Markup:

Ways to Geo-tag

You can geo-tag a number of ways.

  • GPS Camera – Some GPS-enabled cameras automatically geo-tag photos for you
  • Online Tools – Some online microdata markup tools exist out there
  • Manual – Other methods include learning schema markup and doing it yourself

Thanks for reading and happy tagging!

–Hudson Hornick
Alchemy On Demand

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