How To Login To The Backend Of WordPress

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Hi everyone, Hudson Hornick here. I just wanted to take a quick minute or two to show you how you can log in to your WordPress site. If you ever have forgotten or lost the link or forgotten how to get into the back end of the site, also known as the “dashboard.”

So, two things to note – there’s a difference between the front end and the backend of the site. The front end of the site is what you see here – this is where all the changes to the site you make in the dashboard are reflected. So this is where the users come, this is where the users interact with your site. You change things on the front end of your site via the backend of your site. It’s kind of how a car works. Everything’s shiny on the outside, but if you want it to work, you’ve got to open up the hood and get in there.

So in order to get into the hood area or the backend of the site, what you’re going to do is you’re going to navigate to your site name – this is the URL or web address you chose when you were signing up for WordPress. SO you type your site name into the address bar. Go there. Navigate to your site, and what you’re going to do is, after the site name, after the suffix, you’re going to add forward slash followed by wp-admin. Hit enter.

That will take you to your dashboard or a splash screen where you enter your username and password. I’ve set WordPress to remember me, so it just logs me in automatically. SO that is how you can quickly and easily get to the dashboard of your site.

So here we have the front end of the site, and here we have the dashboard of the site. Alright. And in this dashboard, you’ll see a whole list here and this is how you change the various aspects of your site, but we’ll get to that in another video. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up on how you can quickly and easily get to the backend or “dashboard” of your site.

Ok. Thanks for watching.

-Hudson Hornick
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